“Clothes Recycling Campaign” from October 25th till November 2nd

Hello Friends, Namaskar!

Request: Recycle your used/unused clothes

With your continuous support in last one year, we have shipped around 300KG of clothes to local NPO, who sends clothes to the needy across world.

As the weather changes, we also change our clothes and during this transition we finds may clothes in good conditions but not being (or will be) utilized. Being on foreign land we don’t find many options to donate usable clothes. HSS Japan will be running a “Clothes Recycling Campaign” from October 25th till November 2nd in association with local NPO: Japan Relief Clothing Center. If you have any clothes which are no longer used (fulfilling the given guidelines), please bring them to one of the collection points or you can directly send it to Japan Relief Clothing Center (JRCC).

Collection points:
Nishi-Kasai: Delhi-Dhabha, 〒 134-0088 Tokyo, 6-12-9 Nishi-Kasai Edogawa,
Funabori-contact: 080-3506-5758, 080-3090-6173
Ichinoe: 090-7743-2676
Ojima-contact: 080-3593-6688
Kawasaki-contact: 080-2053-2055, 070-5566-5689
Chiba-contact: 080-3757-7240

About JRCC:
JRCC has been contributing relief clothing to the needy people and refugees all over the globe, since 1982.

Website: http://www.jrcc.or.jp/
Guidelines: http://www.jrcc.or.jp/index_e2.html

○ Acceptable Items
<Non-used/Brand new>Underwear、Socks、Pajamas、Towels、Cotton blanket、Sheets (Due to Hygiene aspects)
<Used (washed)>Blanket、Pants、Jeans、T-Shirts、Polo Shirts、 Sweat shirts、Sweater、Blouse、Cardigan、Jumper、Over coat
<Children wears>OVER FOR 80CM HEIGHT

× Unacceptable Items
Suit jacket、Blazer jacket、Skirt、One-piece suit、Kimono、Infant clothes、Infant items、Futon、 Small product(Tie、Belt、Hat、Gloves、Muffler)Shoes、Bags、Miscellaneous goods、Stationary、Food. Very dirty and/or damaged clothes.
Below 80CM HEIGHT and clothes not in wearable conditions

Here is the address, if you may wish to send the clothes directly to JRCC:
Japan Relief Clothing Center
22-2 Fukaehama-machi
Higashinada-ku, Kobe City
Hyogo Prefecture, 658-0023

Volunteers HSS Japanese Club

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Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Japan's photo.
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